Training for a First-Time Marathon Reverses Age-Related Aortic Stiffening

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Training for and completing a marathon even at relatively low exercise intensity reduces central blood pressure and aortic stiffness—equivalent to a ∼4-year reduction in vascular age.

Has The Word “Expert” Lost Its Meaning In 2019?

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What makes someone an expert? In the days of the internet, it seems like it’s gotten much harder to tell. Social media makes it possible for anyone to have a platform, and that’s given rise to the phenomenon known as the instant expert.

What Makes a Sport a Sport?

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Culture and politics aside, what is it that makes a sport a sport? If scrabble and monopoly are not sports, then this is surely because they do not involve any physical activity, or because physical activity is not their primary purpose

Training: How to Train for Any Distance

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The subject of training for specific distance in running is not as simple or "obvious" as it might seem. Whereas doing sprints while getting ready for 100m seems logical and reasonable, just because you're preparing to run a marathon, doesn't…

Theory & Practice: 5 Golden Rules of a Proper Training Program

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Your training program is one of the most important parts of your training regimen. Training process is a very individual thing and, as logic follows, training programs are always very individual masterpieces. Or, at least, they should be. So…

Theory and Practice: Muscles + Practical Information

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I see online and overhear sometimes discussions of muscles and I wonder if people participating in the discussion are conducting a scientific experiment, putting forth a hypothesis or are they participating in a theoretical discussion of human…